WE ARE HALE Halland Leather Manufacturing

We’re participating in changing the future. We use our collective knowledge to question old truths and challenge a traditional sector. How? By changing attitudes about production and consumption. HALE team members have various backgrounds. Passion unifies and drives us – as does the belief that small things make a big difference.
HALE originated in Halland, Sweden – an area that inspires us and provides our material. We’re proud that the leather we use has a history. Proud that you can trace all of our products to the farm from which the history began. Leather in our products comes from food-industry residue. During our 20 years in the industry, we observed opportunities for making a change.
We work closely with tanneries that process the hides from Halland. Fantastic artisans – among the world’s best. Together, we constantly develop – to be able to document and ensure minimal impact on the environment. 



Leather is a living natural material. Each skin type is unique. What some might refer to as a defect on the skin we see an evidence of a genuine, pure and natural material that gives life to our products. With this in mind, we take care of each piece of the skin in the process of cutting. We do not waste or discard of parts which do not have the perfect surface. Our product is exclusive, no bag or belt is similar to any other all are unique.   



We’ve been working with leather for as long as we can remember. When we started, few people were aware of the sector’s risks and environmental impact. It was a really dirty sector. Unfortunately, it still is in many parts of the world.

More than 15 years ago, we began to question the sector’s routines and standards. We thought most things were wrong, but we didn’t see any light in the tunnel. Then we could make two choices: leave the industry or work to change it. We chose the latter. We wanted to continue working with a material we love, but in a sustainable, wise way, which doesn’t negatively affect humans or the environment.

This formed the foundation of HALE. Products in one of the world's best natural materials, which only get more beautiful with time. Leather products last for many generations. When properly processed, they leave only a small climate imprint during their lifetime.



We work only with Swedish hides that are fully traceable to the farm. Based on animal welfare, Sweden has the strictest animal husbandry laws in the world, and leather is a residual product from the meat industry. No other country has lower antibiotic usage for animals. In addition, Swedish hides are generally of excellent quality.

We don’t waste resources. We ensure this by using all parts of the delivered hides during cutting. Leather is a living material. We welcome the variations that occur in a natural material – variations that give the leather life and make every product unique.



The HALE collection is designed for today’s digital nomads. Mobile people who caries their life in a bag, Computer and work materials, a change of clothes, and overnight items. Well thought-through designs that facilitate easy packing and organizing for quick change between home, work and travel. What everyday life looks like and created solutions that put an end to chaos.

Our smart cases are designed to fit in the bags and help us organize exactly what we need to take with us through the day: computer accessories, glasses, keys, cards, pens, grooming items, and a cell phone. We carefully considered what everyday life looks like and created solutions.